The Freedom of a Christian Artist

By Jane Raymond

Artwork by Tracy Jane Thomas

When an artist considers making a Biblically- based art project, he may think it would confine him and limit his own creative potential. While the term “ Biblical art” may often conjure up images of the holy patriarchs, religious historical events, or Christian iconic representations like the crucifix or the Virgin Mary, the truth is, Biblical art (and more particularly, Christian art) is extremely diverse and liberating.

The visual arts is an area that is inescapable. Everybody, in one way or another, is affected by the visual arts. Creativity, using elements like color, design, and form, is everywhere: on the clothing you wear; the wallpaper or fabrics in your home; the signs, billboards, newspapers, books & magazines that you read; and, yes, even the pictures you hang on your walls. Whether people purchase an art piece from a museum or a clothing store, they are buying someone’’s design and creativity.

“Pandora” By Kirk Richards

A Christian artist, in many ways, is much more liberated to use his talents in any field of the visual arts than a typical secular artist. Firstly, he is not concerned about the opinions of the established ‘art world’ because his true joy comes from pleasing his Maker. This kind of faithful independence protects him from being controlled or directed in a way he is not comfortable.

Secondly, understanding that a ‘’man is worthy of his hire’’, a Christian artist is not blinded by dreams of fame and fortune, but is content if his life is a simple one. He is thankful simply for his natural gift, and to serve the Lord with the talent with which he has been blessed. He understands that the language of the visual arts can speak volumes, so he uses his divine gift to speak truth, to the glory of God. This focus of faith provides a strong, additional purpose for his art.

Artwork by Hannah Murch

And wonderfully for him, the Christian artist is filled with infinite inspiration because the Source of his creativity is drawn from the Master Creator, God Himself, Who is infinite. He will not run out of ideas or inspiration if he continues to walk with the Lord.

An artist who is faithful to his calling is the most content of all. He will not be frustrated for lack of ideas or purpose, but rather, he will be emboldened and directed to work at his trade by the infinite God Who can never run out of ideas or reason.


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